Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Auds & Ends, 12/18/13

* The 2014 Universal Radio catalog arrived today. This is one catalog that I still keep, not just until next year, but actually save. I also used to save catalogs from EEB and Fair Radio Sales. I don't know if anyone ever thought about it, but the covers of these Universal catalogs are the inspiration for the back covers of the Pirate Radio Annuals:

Of course, with being the market for a new SDR, I was re-reading the entries for the Perseus and SDR-IQ a few times. I was also eyeing up the Tecsun PL-660 a bit more than I probably should be.

* I also received the following Christmas message & image from Mustang Radio, from Holland:

Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2014!!!
good dx without jammers!!
best regards Mustang Radio Crew
FYI, Mustang is one of the better-heard European pirates in North America

* Not sure yet if anyone's received their copy of the Pirate Radio Annual, but nearly every one was sent out last Friday, 12/13. Friday the 13th curse?

* Songs about radio: An old radio friend passed this song to me Kentaurektum "Surfin' on Shortwave." This is one will be awesome to tune in to sometime, late at night.

* I'm tracking down an article for the 2014 PRA that I'm really excited about. It seems like it's a thumbs up for now, but I'm hoping to track down a little more information.


  1. I love Universal Radio catalogs, too: Great covers, great content, and great reference for years to come!

    Andy, the PL-660 is a great portable. I recently logged Channel Z on one while sitting in my pickup truck in the middle of a parking lot (while my wife was Christmas shopping).

    The SDR-IQ is a great bang-for-buck SDR. The Perseus is better, but nearly twice the cost. I use the WinRadio Excalibur, mainly because of its flexibility when it comes to recording.

    Great blog, Andy!

  2. Yeah, I read about you logging Channel Z in the parking lot & that's why I've been looking longer at the Tecsuns :o) I've also been looking a little more often for the Perseus, etc. on eBay. I have a strange feeling that I won't find one at a local garage sale...