Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Year's Eve/New Year's Day Loggings 12/31/13-1/2/13

Radio GaGa: 6925U, 2254 Playing Barnes & Barnes "Fishheads" ELP "Lucky Man" etc. "Live from Zipper Lake" ID

Unidentified: 6955, 2309+ All percussion, no IDs heard yet. Nice signal here with deep fading

I made the mistake of eating supper and a bunch of stations were on the air, according to logs on the HFU: CCC Radio, NSDAP Radio, and WBOG + an unidentified station or two. My guess is that NSDAP Radio was either some programming aired by CCC Radio or was a different show aired by the same pirate. CCC Radio was KKK-related station that made a couple of broadcasts in the '90s, long after the Voice of Tomorrow had stopped. I never heard the station, but The ACE printed one of their QSLs.

Wolverine Radio: 6950U, 1/1,  0030+ Beautiful signal. Was listening while digging through '90s ACEs, trying to find any logs of CCC Radio (still no luck).

Radio Free Whatever: 6925, 1/1, 0130 Playing "Indians" by Anthrax.

Radio Celestial: 1710, 1/1, 0200 Driving around in the car for a while and heard zilch for a few min. Then got to one spot and could hear Spanish-language contemporary Christian music, so I assume it was them. This immediately faded into what I assume was the NJ TIS, with a promo on getting flu shots. Typical telephonic audio. Best I've ever heard the TIS. Could hear co-channel splatter here, so I assumed it was from 1700 kHz. But then I got home & saw that Undercover Radio was on 1720, so maybe that's where the splatter's coming from. Unfortunately, the MW band is really buzzy here, so I can't really hear anything...and my car stereo only goes up to 1710 kHz.

Fake Numbers Station: 6925, 1/1, 0205+ English numbers

Unid: 6925U, 1/1, 0645+ Tuned in to some music & hit Record

X-FM: 6960, 1/1, 0645+ Still on the air. Fair signal

Radio Plate Current: 6925U, 1/1, 0700+ A lot of electronic dance music with two DJs. Long periods of talking & announced an e-mail address a few times and with phonetics. Announced the e-mail "because we're in the 21st century." Just sent an e-mail to see if I copied the address correctly. If I get it, I'll list it here, but I don't want to post incorrect info if I can possibly avoid it.


  1. Hi, Andy,

    I managed to record the UNID percussion station. Great signal into NC:

    I started recording spectrum while recording the UNID station live. I'm pretty sure I also got WBNY and a handful of others that evening. Just need the time to do a little radio time travel and record them now--when I have the time, that is.


  2. That aspect of SDRs scares me: sifting back through spectrum recordings. As it is, I wind up with station recordings piling up on my computer--and that's just from using it as a recorder! When I get an SDR, I'll have to tell myself that I can only use it at special times or I'll fall hopelessly behind.