Saturday, December 14, 2013

My weekend loggings 12/14-12/16/13

Channel Z: 6925, 12/14, 2225-2240+ Andy Walker back again on Channel Z with a repeat of his "Before They Were Famous, Pt. 3" Only reports to the Blue Ridge Summit address get a hardcopy QSL, e-mail reports get an eQSL. First song I heard was by The Mascots, which later became the O'Jays. Interesting to hear Nick Mason playing surf rock for, I think, The Jaguars. Interesting stuff, fun presentation, & great audio. Later on in the show, Andy had lots of shoutouts to listeners who wrote in or logged Channel Z on the message boards.

Regarding this program from Channel Z, here's some more information on the program that's worth reading if you haven't already or if you don't know who Andy Walker is.

Borderhunter Radio: 6265, 12/14, 2358+ Fair/weak with a woman singing a ballad. ID per HFU. Now some QRM from a utility station on the frequency.

Other stations from Europe being heard in the US right now are Radio Odynn on 6291 and Radio Powerliner International on 6305 kHz. I'm not hearing either one. Not a good sign from my R-5000 because, with the R8, I could typically hear both of these stations with this antenna.

<a few min. later> I spoke too soon:

Radio Powerliner International: 6305, 12/15, 0013 Heard part of an announcement...thought he said he was signing off. Now getting some noise on the frequency... Definitely not a report-worthy logging, but I did hear a fade up...

And speaking of non-report-worthy loggings:
Radio Free Whatever: 1720, 12/15, 0430+ I saw loggings that RFW was on the air here. Unfortunately, I typically have a lot of local noise on the AM band here. Not only that, but something was causing a lot of noise even into the SW bands at this time. I could only hear bits of voices in the midst of the chainsaw noise.

Baltic Sea Radio: 18904.5L, 12/15, 1356+ Right after bad-mouthing the R-5000 in comparison to the R8, the R-5000 comes through with something I could never achieve with the R8: audio from Baltic Sea Radio. I'm not sure why this station has been more difficult for me to hear than so many of the other Europeans that use high frequencies, but I've had a really tough time. Anyway, I've been hearing some music without headphones on this frequency as it fades up and down.

Hit Parade Radio: 6924.3, 12/15, 1447+ HPR was coming through with a fair signal. I listened for a few minutes, but had to go, so I missed IDs (ID per HFU logs). I did record it, so I'll have to check the audio. BTW, HPR is a station from the mid-'90s and when I reported their return-to-the-air earlier in 2013, they sent a two-sided QSL card (possibly a leftover from 2 decades ago?).

Hit Parade Radio: 6924.3, 12/15, 2146+ Had a pretty good signal for about two minutes, but it has mostly disappeared

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