Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-Christmas Weekend Loggings: 12/27-12/29/13

Radio Dr. Tim (NA relay): 6925, 12/27, 1335+ Weak here with occasional bits popping up clearly. Heard mention of the station being a member of Pirates for Peace. Not sure when the last time was that I heard R. Dr. Tim, but it's been a long time...nice to hear again. SSTV at end of show:

Radio Dr. Tim SSTV

WTPR: 6930, 12/27, 1445+ Tire Pressure Radio. Chain-letter type broadcast about listening to the show will cause low tire pressure. Mentioning different DXers who now have flat tires. Beerus Maximus reported this 12/27 broadcast first on HFU and just heard him mentioned in the program. He's apparently risking low tire pressure. "You are the next victim of tire pressure radio...even when warned, you kept listening...your tires have been deflating while listening..." Stories about listeners who tuned in around 1910-1920 and discovered that their tires were flat after the broadcast, etc. Lots of effects: reverb, delay, slowing down audio, etc.

Pirate Radio Boston: 13960, 12/28, 1640+ Nice to log a North American pirate on a high frequency again. Good sig here with Charlie Loudenboomer and Mr. X playing Joe Walsh. Some multipath echo on the signal. Not only being heard in the US, but also by several DXers in Germany & Finland. Possibly elsewhere, too!

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