Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Pirate Radio Annual: Now taking advance orders

The 2013 Pirate Radio Annual is now nearly finished and I'm taking advance orders for copies of the book. I've been finishing assembling and editing the audio tracks for this edition over the past few weeks and I just spent a couple of hours creating the master audio CD tonight. That means that I can match my mistakes in hitting the track indicator with the track listing. This in turn means that I can finally finish the text files and send them to the printer.

From there, the finished books should be ready in 4-6 weeks.

In case you are wondering what the Pirate Radio Annual is, it's a paperback book with an 5.5" x 8.5" trim size. This is the 4th edition. Each are divided into two parts: the first is pirate radio "articles" and the second part of the book is a listing of entries on North American shortwave pirate stations that were reported in the past year (and also European pirates that were reported in a large portion of North America). The book contains images from dozens of stations + contact information, URLs of websites, etc. The "articles" in this year's edition include "Dutch pirate radio, 1931–1967" by Kai Salvesen, "Shortwave Pirate Radio 2012: A Year in Review" by Chris Smolinski, "Internet Resources" (for listening), and "Recording and Archiving Pirate Radio for Future Generations."

This year's edition is 176 pages and contains an audio CD-R with sample tracks of audio from pirates from the past year. 72 different stations are represented on the CD....although the recording is on a CD-R, it is an audio CD that can be played in standard CD players, computers, etc. BTW, after creating hundreds of these CDs, I heard from one reader that the CD wouldn't fit properly in his slot-loading Mac computer. If you want to use it in one of these computers or device with a narrow slot, let me know and I can send your CD without a label.

If you want an advance copy, the price until December 7 is $15 + $3 shipping ($18) to the United States, $15 + $10 shipping ($25) to Canada and Mexico, and $15 + $15 shipping ($30) to the rest of the world.

You can either send a check or money order in US funds to:
Cabinet Communications
PO Box 109
Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214

 or  you can send the $ via PayPal to info /at/ hobbybroadcasting.com

My apologies for the delays in producing this year's edition! It's been a challenge!


  1. What is the price past December 7?

  2. $16 + $3 shipping in the US ($10 to Canada & $15 outside of North America)
    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Thanks, I'll get my order in today.