Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 PRA update, November 12, 2013

I've been thinking about a lot of ideas for posts lately, but I've been tied up with finishing the Pirate Radio Annual. The CD is finished and I matched up the tracks with the track listing. I went through the layout over the weekend and found a piece of art in the wrong place. So, I had to re-layout a big chunk of the book before I could send everything to the printer. Got that all finished last night and started to do a final lookover on the book before sending it out last night. Ten pages into it, I discovered that I forgot to include an entry. So, I wrote a new entry; sized, scaled, and saved the QSL in a different format; and started laying out the book again. I'm getting close to being done and I sure hope that I haven't missed any other stations (although I'd rather find out now than after the book is done).

Now that I have a blog going, I might post a list of the stations that will be in the 2014 PRA so that if I missed anyone, the op can write to me and say "Whoa, you missed station X!" And I can add it. Putting up station lists, etc. on the major pirate radio message boards, etc. really makes me uncomfortable because it probably looks like I'm trying to hype and over hype the PRA. So, I try to keep my public posts about it to a minimum. My blog is a different story and I figure that if anyone's here, there's a good chance that they want an update about "what's going on with the PRA and why is it late?!"

Anyway, I always have more ideas about things that I'd like to do than what I'm actually capable of doing, so I'm going to stop writing and finish laying out the PRA (hopefully for good this time!).

<About 2 hours later> The layout's done and now I'm going to look back over everything and hope that I didn't miss any other stations.

<Still a few hours later> I looked back over the layout and added an e-mail address that I missed thr first time around. And now the files are uploading to the printer's site. Whew!

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