Sunday, November 17, 2013

Logs for Sunday 11/17 to 11/18/13

Haven't been by the radio a lot lately (and not having an optimum setup isn't helping), but I'm at the radio now, so I thought I'd log something:

MAC: 6950.4, 2000-2103* Presidents of the USA "Confusion." Technical difficulties: A "wire popped out" and some dead air, followed by bits of music breaking up, 33-RPM record of "I Saw Her Standing There" being played at 45 RPM. Also, some feedback off & on throughout the show. Ishida Ayumi "Blue Light Yokohama." Considered going into rant on health care, but mentioned that these rants are all over the news and that pirate radio should be a distraction from all of these problems. Devo "Turn Around," Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes" kinda skipped right into "Tutti Fruiti," Bobby Riddell "World without Love." Cool, will play some home-recorded records from, probably '40s or '50s (tried, but the one record was apparently blank). Live TCs. Linus reading the Christmas story from A Peanuts Christmas.

Radio Free Whatever: 6950, *2104-2148* On with USSR national anthem, about a minute after the sign off of MAC. Announcers Dickweed and Stephen said tonight's show is all metal & called "QRM" & they'll play music by Lord Tracy, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Helix, Anthrax, Scorpions, etc. Nice signal.

Unidentified: 6955 2157+ As noted by Chris & Curious on HFU, someone is here with music. Really weak signal here and I'm listening in USB. Seems to be getting a tiny bit stronger here, so maybe that trend will continue and I'll eventually get a usable signal. At 2202, the levels came up & I hear "Free Ride" by Edgar Winter

Radio Jamba International (tentative): 6960 0005 Still pretty weak here with bits of music coming through

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