Monday, November 4, 2013

News from Radio Spaceshuttle International

Radio Spaceshuttle News (Monday 04/11/2013):
Radio Spaceshuttle has already repaired first antennas. First ready was our 48mb antenna. We did test it on Saturday 2nd of November and antenna seemed to work nicely! But BIG PROBLEMS we faced was with our bigger transmitter which did not work at all. Seems that it has went seriously broken with few transmissions earlier this year with a broken antenna. (:
So we are forced to use our little Low Power transmitters in future (Back to poor old normal). That means also changes to our frequency plan published earlier.
Frequencies and transmitting power plan of Radio Spaceshuttle valid from 2nd of November 2013:
76mb (3900/3905/3927/4020 kHz] with 60 watts max. power. Antenna still under construction [Ready Thursday 7th of November??)  If ready in time, TESTS during evening-night (7-8th November)??
48mb (6205/6210/6220/6260/6270/6305/6310 kHz)with 60 watts max. power. (Ready for use 1st Nov. 2013)
31mb (9270/9290 kHz)with 20 watts max. power. Antenna still under construction. (Ready in the beginning of December?)
25mb (12265 kHz)with 20 watts max. power. (Ready in the beginning of December?)
More info shall be sent after antenna works are done and time for more testing starts.
Best greetings,
Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle

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