Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pirate logs 11/9 and early 11/10 UTC

Back again and now playing around with make-shift listening to compensate for my dead Drake R8. I powered up the R-390A after a decade of disuse (!) and also the it-no-longer tunes Kenwood R-5000. I think the best way to probably operate these is with the R-390A on a random-wire antenna that I can use for tuning and finding signals and the R-5000 on the dipole so that I can record signals once I've tuned them in. I think this might be a plan.

For the time being, I have the center element of the dipole alligator clipped to the R-390A and I'm tuning around:

Metro Radio International (tentative): 6950, 2150+ Have a carrier here. This is MRI per HFU logging.

Radio Free Whatever: 6925, 2150+ Had a decent carrier & some music here, but weak. RFW per HFU logging.

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